Vision, Values and Goals

RBSLI Vision

  • To become the trusted regulator of professional sign language interpreters and translators

  • Engender confidence in all those that work with RBSLI regulated interpreters and translators

  • Ensure the public are aware of the importance of using qualified regulated sign language interpreters and translators

RBSLI Values
Our values are to provide fair and equitable services to all in a transparent and accountable way with integrity.

Encourage all qualified sign language interpreters and translators to become registrants of RBSLI.

To promote best practice among its registrants for the benefit of consumers, interpreters, translators and the profession.

It aims to achieve this by the following:

  • Maintain a register of qualified practitioners

  • Ensure registrants meet professional standards of conduct

  • Publish the RBSLI Code of Ethics to which all RBSLI interpreters have affirmed

  • Investigate complaints thoroughly and impartially based on the RBSLI Code of Ethics

  • Promote the importance of robust regulation

  • Develop regulation more suited to professional sign language interpreting and translating to preserve them as integral and distinct professional linguistic services

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Self Regulatory Body for Sign Language Interpreters and Translators Ltd is the registered company name of a not-for-profit body administering the RBSLI Register of qualified sign language interpreters and translators.

Registered in England & Wales (Company No: 9395328).
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