Dear registrant,

The board are writing to you today to inform you of two important changes to your registration; fees and the date these become due, and data sharing with other regulatory bodies.

In order to make the administration process more streamlined the RBSLI board have decided to change from an individual rolling registration to a fixed registration period each year. With that in mind the board carefully considered the periods of high financial activity and expense that are currently experienced by registrants.

The board looked closely at traditional fiscal periods e.g. January 1st and April 1st but are aware that these are usually periods of high financial expenditure; January being a period of recovery from the Christmas period and for those who are sole traders and Ltd companies, HMRC bill payments; April, again appears to be a period of high financial traffic with many personal accounts and membership renewals taking place.

The board then considered other periods during the year, such as summer and the usual holiday periods when bookings take a downturn, and found them to be equally taxing on personal expenditure.

To that end we have concluded that the best period will be the early autumn. This is why we have chosen October 1st each year.

For those of you who have already paid for registration running beyond October 1st 2019, please don’t be concerned as adjustments will automatically be made to accommodate this. For those of you outside this period, we will be adopting a pro-rata approach leading up to October 1st 2019.

The board have also been in discussion with NRCPD with regard to data sharing between the professional registers. Both ourselves and NRCPD don’t want situations arising when a registrant can ‘flip’ registers and join another register whilst under investigation, sanction, suspension or, ultimately, removal. To this end we have amended our privacy policy and terms and conditions. All registrants with RBSLI, whether current or new applicants, now have to agree that the data we hold on them regarding their registration status may be shared with another professional regulatory body where necessary in terms of safeguarding and in the best interests of the Deaf community. This data sharing will, in line with GDPR, be relevant, proportionate and limited in its use, relating as it does only to investigations, sanctions and registrants who have been removed from the RBSLI register. RBSLI also reserves the right to make similar data sharing requests with other professional regulatory bodies with regard to the safeguarding of the principals our registrants undertake work with.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are more than happy to discuss these changes and listen to any feedback you may have. Please direct any emails to:


Jason Bell


PgDip MA