Verification and identification

RBSLI provides a physical and/or an Electronic photo ID Card.

More and more organisations are offering electronic or digital verification and identification, for example, vehicle tax discs and DBS Status Checks.

RBSLI promotes the use of an Electronic Photo ID Card for its Registered interpreters and translators. It is expected that Registrants use the photo ID card responsibly.

How is your registration verified?

There are two methods for verifying an interpreter or translator is registered with RBSLI:
  • The main method of verifying registration is a Name search of the interpreter/translator using the search facility on the front page of the RBSLI Website.
  • Photo ID Card with Valid To date and ID number
If the interpreters’ or translators’ details do not appear on the website, they are NOT registered with RBSLI.

Benefits of RBSLI Electronic Photo ID Cards

  • Enables Registration fees to be kept at a reasonable level
  • Environmentally friendly
  • User friendly
  • Easily replaced at no additional charge

How to use the Electronic photo ID Card

Registrants Electronic ID Card is downloaded and available for viewing on a mobile device:, e.g. smartphone or tablet.

Please see below an Sample Only RBSLI Registered Interpreter Physical/Electronic Photo ID Card from April 2015.