Welcome to RBSLI

The Regulatory Body for Sign Language Interpreters and Translators (RBSLI) is an independent, voluntary regulator established in 2015.

RBSLI maintains a public Register of qualified/trainee sign language interpreters and translators. All those listed on the Register have satisfied RBSLI entry criteria. All registrants adhere to the RBSLI Code of Ethics.

Using the Register ensures that you only employ qualified/trainee practitioners and that they can be held accountable should their professional conduct fall below the high standards expected of an RBSLI registrant.

You can verify interpreters and translators registration status with RBSLI using the search facilities opposite: ‘Find a British Sign Language (BSL)/English Interpreter’. You can search for interpreters & translators by name, region and signed language combinations.

Who are RBSLI?

RBSLI is …

An appropriate and credible regulatory body led by experienced practitioners with appropriate knowledge and expertise. Not enmeshed with validating courses or prescribing curriculum and assessment. RBSLI is independent of interpreters’ professional organisations.

Complaints Procedure

RBSLI has …

A transparent Complaints Procedure so that consumers of interpreting services are able to hold registered practitioners to account for poor standards of practice through the RBSLI Complaints Procedure.


RBSLI established …

Because a large number of practitioners over a period of many years have expressed a desire for a body solely dedicated to the regulation of sign language interpreting.