Continuing Professional Development:

RBSLI understands that maintaining work and training has become difficult for many registrants during the current pandemic. RBSLI are reducing the requirements for CPD from 18 points to 14 points for the year 2020-21 (to be reviewed end of January 2021). The board will keep this under review and are also happy to look at any extenuating circumstances of any individual registrants where necessary. With large gatherings of people still not allowed we would urge registrants to look out for opportunities to do online training courses.


Maternity Leave

In a profession that is predominantly female, RBSLI feels it is important to ensure that interpreters aren’t unduly penalised when they go on maternity leave. In the first instance, inform us of the start date of your maternity leave, then, for the duration of your leave the following will apply;

  1. Pro-rata CPD. The requirements for CPD will be reduced by a proportional amount dependent on the length of the maternity leave.
  2. For registrants who pay monthly, once you have informed us of your start date, cancel your direct debit. Restart the direct debit once you have returned to work.
  3. If you have fully paid your yearly registration fee, the period of coverage stops upon the start of your maternity leave and restarts when you go back to work. The period for which you are on leave will be added on to your registration period.