To apply to become a regulated Trainee you must first be accepted and enrolled on an approved course that adheres to NOSI standards leading to registered status and that you are regularly supervised throughout your training. You can only apply for Trainee status on the written approval of your course supervisor.  Trainee Sign Language Interpreters (TSLIs) may not work in the UK Legal system, this includes all courts and tribunals, and any work in the criminal justice system.  Trainees may not undertake mental health work.   TSLIs must contact their supervisor when accepting work in a social care setting to check for suitability based on their competency for the assignment.  Trainees must consult their supervisor prior to accepting assignments if they are unsure of whether to accept that assignment.   

RBSLI reserves the right to place further restrictions on a regulated Trainee’s practice either directly or on the advice of your supervisor. RBSLI will take this step only when a concern is raised by your supervisor, or a third party provides evidence of your professional practice, calls into question your competence to work in particular domains.

Trainee interpreters will be subject to the RBSLI complaints process should a complaint be raised.

Trainees will be required to pay a trainee registration fee of £180.00 per annum up to a maximum period of three years when it will be expected that they will have acquired qualified status.  Extensions to this period will be considered on a case by case basis.

You will be required to have sufficient professional indemnity insurance in line with risk.