The word professional comes from the root ‘to profess’. This was to publicly affirm something in the form of a vow. Thus a professional took a public vow that they would uphold certain roles, rules or skills. In light of this the RBSLI Code of Ethics will take the form of an oath.

I affirm that I will endeavour to achieve a successful interpretation during my translational actions. To this end I will:

1. ensure that negative interpreting outcomes, resulting in the principals suffering
harm, are avoided;

2. ensure that the discourse between the principals is clear and cohesive;

3. ensure that acceptable target language is rendered situationally relevant and with appropriate
cultural equivalence as necessary;

4. ensure that I will accurately reflect the core meaning and intent of the principals involved;

5. ensure that I further my own skills and knowledge base in order to provide the best opportunities
for successful interpreting actions;

6. ensure that I uphold the best qualities of the profession at all times.

Jason Bell is External Consultant to the RBSLI Code of Ethics

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