Welcome to your online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Record.

Please read the RBSLI CPD Policy Guidance document to familiarise yourself with the system:

This recording system enables you to submit various CPD activities. To submit an activity, fill out the optional and required fields below, upload evidence of your CPD, and press Submit a CPD Activity. Submit further activities in the same way.

Please Note: this online system only retains CPD activities and evidence for a year. For retaining submitted CPD activities and uploaded evidence longer than a year, it is advisable to keep a personal electronic copy. This also helps to chart long term progress and development and acts as an archive.

RBSLI CPD runs annually from 1st October to 30th September .

The minimum of 18 CPD hours (twelve ‘individual’ and six ‘recommended’) is necessary to complete RBSLI CPD. The Record is your responsibility and is a sincere account of your personalised CPD efforts. Evidence of ‘fully achieved (= 18 hours)’ CPD will be shown on your searchable public profile.

Please choose only ONE of the CATEGORY buttons below to record each activity. Refer to the RBSLI Policy Guidance document for the ‘Table of RECOMMENDED and INDIVIDUAL Categories and Types’.